About Buumi Online Wellness

Your Health. Right Now. Anywhere.

Who is Buumi Online Wellness?

We are a platform that allows patients and clients to seek medical advice from the specialist doctors in Zambia. The platform allows them to have a medical consultation from the comfort of their home, or anywhere they would want to do so. At Buumi there are no queues, you book your consultation time based on your convenience.

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At Buumi Online Wellness, the patient comes first.

Buumi Online Wellness also allows the doctors the opportunity to follow up on their patients that they have previously seen before. Our doctors are experts in their fields, highly trained, and so our clients are guaranteed the best care. These specialists are fully registered with the Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ) and are in full time practice in various hospitals across the country.
Buumi Online Wellness also offers opportunity to clients from across the country to consult with specialists, without the need to follow them. With the current COVID - 19 situation, and the need to stay at home to minimize the risks of acquiring or spreading COVID, Buumi Online Wellness is the place for your continued medical care.

The Bottom Line

At Buumi, we believe that your health is important not just to you but to your doctors too. Buumi also supports the idea of bringing health services as close to the family as possible. At Buumi, specialist medical services are just a click and video conference away. Buumi Online Wellness – Your Health, Right Now, Anywhere!