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Covid-19: Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Online.

As at 10th June, 2021, Zambia had recorded 144 admission cases of Covid-19 the highest recorded in the country so far. A total of 2,146 confirmed cases of Covid-19 infections were recorded against 14,033 tests conducted within the same period. Six Covid-19 deaths were recorded and a further 2 Covid-19 associated deaths. This is according to the Ministry of Health updates as provided on their official Facebook account in their ongoing updates.

You will recall that the year 2020 started out as one with new and renewed enthusiasm by people from all walks of life. Students who were in final year classes were eager to complete their last mile run. Eager to move on to the next stage. Ordinary citizens were looking forward to turning their fortunes for the better by engaging in various income generating activities. Couples were planning their dream weddings whilst already married ones were planning romantic getaways for their anniversary celebrations. But almost as soon as we entered the year, there occurred a disease that threatened our very existence as humanity.

The Corona virus disease of 2019, AKA Covid-19 burst onto the scene as suddenly as its fury took the lives of its victims as it left a trail of destruction of economies and devastation to families who had suffered its virulent attack.

Covid-19 is a Flu-like virus that affects its victims by attacking their respiratory system and in severe cases causes them to fail to breathe well because it attacks the lungs. In frantic efforts to stay its contraction, Churches were ordered to close. Businesses such as Hotels and airlines were forced to close. Bars were ordered closed. Lockdowns were enforced in different places globally, all in a bid to safeguard human life.

The precise nature of the disease and how to effectively respond to it is still being researched. There is currently no cure. The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged members of the public world over to protect themselves and others by following measures like wearing protective face masks, sanitizing or washing of hands (for at least 20 seconds) with soap and water, avoiding crowds and maintaining physical distancing.

Before the end of 2020, a vaccine was developed by Pfizer and a few other developers….

A good approach to avoiding infection is to utilize digital platforms to carry out activities that we would normally carry out without computers or electronic devices. For example, some institutions of learning resorted to use of online platforms to conduct lessons via the Internet. Banks have enabled and developed (in collaboration with technology partners) different digital payment platforms for products and services so that contact with other humans is minimized. Shopping can be done via e-commerce platforms such and so on and so forth. The government has also come up with online platforms to deliver services such as buying Vehicle Road Tax Online, etc.

Members of the public are urged to consider and implement the safety measures that the health authorities have put in place in order to combat further infections and to stop the Covid-19 pandemic dead in its trail. We failed to nip it in the bud but have the opportunity to reverse the spread.

A good approach to keeping safe is to use online platforms such as Buumi Online Wellness because there is no contact with other persons thereby reducing the risk of either spreading or catching the virus.

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